Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 DPO: MIA... Oops!

So, I haven't been very good about updating recently, seeing as how my last post was almost two months ago. I'd like to say the reason is because I finally got pregnant... but unfortunately, that's not the case. I'm at the 18 month mark... a year and a half... and still no baby. It never gets any easier. In fact, I think it is constantly getting more difficult. Here's a brief synopsis of what has happened the last two cycles:

  • Cycle 14 was clearly a bust. According to my blood progesterone levels, my P4 at 7 DPO was at 0.2, indicating I didn't even ovulate. This was very strange to me, because my chart was clearly biphasic, with my post ovulation temperatures averaging a degree higher than my pre ovulation temperatures. Despite this strangeness, my clomid was bumped up to 150 mcg. Joy.
  • I'm currently on Cycle 15. My 7 DPO P4 this cycle was 14 something, so definitely much better. My RE even reran last cycle's blood work after seeing my chart from last cycle, but it came back with the same result. Again, completely weird. 
  • I told him at my appointment (which was a week ago tomorrow) that I am done taking clomid. I've taken it for 6 cycles and I'm ready for something different. He agreed. 
  • I go back in about a month, and then we will schedule laparoscopic surgery for the end of June (I believe). He wants my ovaries to rest for a month so that he will be able to see better during the surgery... apparently they swell up with the clomid. The bad part of this timing is that we are supposed to be going out of the country for vacation shortly after that, and I'm not sure how I will react to the surgery. Honestly, though, I'm willing to say screw you IF at this point and just go on our vacation and deal with the surgery later if need be. 
  • Then, his plan is for me to do injects. He said we could try TI for one cycle, but since my insurance pays for up to 8 IUIs, he thinks we should just go ahead and do that. When I told him injects and IUI made me nervous due to only having half of a uterus and not having room for multiples, he suggested doing IVF and implanting one embryo. I promptly responded with, "Uhm... are you going to be paying for that?!" We are so not ready to go down that road yet. I guess we will talk more about it at my next appointment.

So, basically, I'm at a crossroads right now... not really sure exactly what's going to happen with everything. Oh, and to make this crappy journey even worse, I took a test (okay, SEVERAL) tests this cycle... WONDFOs in case you are wondering... and got positives.... only to look online and realize this is a bad batch. I know they were false positives because I've got negatives on FRER. Ugh. Talk about heartbreaking! I was SO excited. I even showed sweet J, who confirmed that he saw 2 lines as well. I kind of wish I hadn't even showed him... no reason for both of us to be upset by it. I'm just ready for CD 1 so I can get this "break" cycle on the road and over with!